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But…How Do I Get There?

“Count your blessings, cut your losses, and follow the yellow brick road.” –Ms. One

There’s a lot to unpack in this simple statement. I quoted it to someone recently, because it was near-perfect for the situation. I just didn’t realize how relevant it is to my life as a whole and not just that moment. Think about it:

Count your blessings… I can’t speak for you, but I have recently encountered challenges, some that I have not overcome (at least, not yet). However, I am choosing to speak positivity and keep the faith. Instead of focusing on things I cannot control, I actively, consciously take account of just how blessed and fortunate I am. Just this week, I began saying my positive confessions out loud and whenever a negative thought or doubt creep in, I speak louder. Things aren’t great, but they aren’t tragic. That, alone, is blessing.

Cut your losses... Listen, we are not going to get everything we want, or should I say everything we think we want. Take my situation that had me quoting this in the first place. I was hoping for a completely different outcome. Not only did things not turn out how I hoped, I found out that no matter what I did, it was never going to. C’est la vie. Gotta take it all in stride. Here’s an analogy: I have a plant. I love my plant. She is beautiful and easy going just like her mama. Let’s say my plant dies, but I continue watering, repotting, and putting it in sunlight. Nothing I do will bring my dead plant back to life. It’s like that in life: the thing that is no longer serving its purpose has to be discarded. Otherwise, we are wasting time that can be better utilized elsewhere. Know when to let go.

And follow the yellow brick road. Most people have a goal, yet sometimes there’s not always a plan or an idea of how to reach the goal. “Pick your right foot up, put your right foot down. You just keep on moving, don’t you lose no ground.” Simple, isn’t it? The best way to make progress is to take it one step at a time. When we focus just on the next step, the journey isn’t so overwhelming. Even if we look beyond to see that we’ve got a ways to go, we need to make sure to glance back to see how far we’ve come. Dream your dream, then chase it down. Follow the road that leads you home–to that place where you know you belong; where you can offer comfort to others; where you feel loved, protected, and at peace.

Until Next Time,

Inilya, XOXO


Published by inilyaspencer

Hello! First, I have to tell you this: I LOVE the smell of books! New books, old books, glossy-paged, picture filled books. I will open a book, hold it to my nose, close my eyes and slowly inhale. Okay, I'm so glad that I've gotten that off my chest. If that doesn't make you uncomfortable, then this blog is just for you. I enjoy writing and I often have to keep my imagination at bay as I meander through my 9-5. Please follow and feel free to share with your friends.

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