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Replay: Great Expectations

Originally published April 21, 2016

Let’s face it, we’ve all got a bit of Miss. Havisham in us.

 Miss Havisham. The character from Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations. She was the caregiver of the love interest of the main character (Pip) was in love with. The most noteworthy thing about Miss. Havisham is that she was jilted. BIG time. Left at the altar, she spent the next fifty years in her wedding dress and one shoe, sitting among a rotting nuptial feast. Cake and all.

I’ll be the first to admit it: I have the tendency to hold on to some things.  I think it takes our brains a while to reboot after unfortunate events, so we might remain in memories or moments in time that need to be put behind us.

During the end of 2015,  I stopped, trapped in a moment that had long passed. I started thinking that if I had made different decisions; had I chosen other words; or if I had resisted what I gave in to and given in to what I resisted, perhaps I wouldn’t be here. But I didn’t. The decisions I made are the decisions I’ve made. End of story.

But I couldn’t go backwards and I didn’t want to be stuck. Therefore, my only option was to move forward.

I don’t want to get bitter with each passing year because something I thought should have happened didn’t. I don’t want to set unrealistic expectations that have zero chances of being realized because I’m afraid of aiming for things I know I can have.

I want to learn from the past, not remain in it.
I want to live in the moment.

Great things are in store for me and I can’t wait to enjoy every moment.



Published by inilyaspencer

Hello! First, I have to tell you this: I LOVE the smell of books! New books, old books, glossy-paged, picture filled books. I will open a book, hold it to my nose, close my eyes and slowly inhale. Okay, I'm so glad that I've gotten that off my chest. If that doesn't make you uncomfortable, then this blog is just for you. I enjoy writing and I often have to keep my imagination at bay as I meander through my 9-5. Please follow and feel free to share with your friends.

One thought on “Replay: Great Expectations

  1. Wow! This is echoing my thoughts exactly. There are plenty choices I made in life , I wish I had done differently. At the end of the day I realize all the decisions I made good or bad is the sum total of who I am. I realize now that I am quite pleased with who I am today.
    Not perfect but always transforming. My motto now is: I will not allow my past to sabotage my future. It’s a great place to be.
    Just love this post šŸ“ÆšŸ’


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