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First, I have to tell you this: I LOVE the smell of books! New books, old books, glossy-paged, picture filled books… I will open a book, hold it to my nose, close my eyes and slowly inhale. Okay, I’m so glad that I’ve gotten that off my chest. If that doesn’t make you uncomfortable, then we’ll get along just fine.                  XOXO

Inilya Spencer is an independent author who also offers affordable book coaching services. In her down time, she loves cheering on the Memphis Grizzlies and spending time with her family.

Her first novel, Love Over Logic was a true catharsis. After a lengthy hiatus, Inilya has several works in progress to be published soon, including a second book in the Love Over series, entitled Love Over Lies, a novella, and a collection of short stories. Her hope is that the reader feels the love she pours into each written work, whether it be a blog post, random observation, or quirky anecdote. She is a strong believer that when imagination and reality collide, beautiful things happen. 

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